Guided Surrogacy | Guiding Your Surrogacy Journey

What is Guided Surrogacy-Guiding Your Surrogacy Journey.

Guided Surrogacy is equipping intended parents with tools and knowledge to support navigation through a successful surrogacy journey. 

How is Guided Surrogacy different?  

Guided Surrogacy was founded by a former intended parent and surrogate who fully understand, and have been through a successful journey together. Guided Surrogacy is  not a full-service agency,  but offers short-term consulting services, education and advocacy related options.  We will “guide” you through the steps and provide you the resources, tools and empower you with knowledge to navigate  a successful journey.  We give you the tools and advice, but the control of the process stays with you.  We provide educational tools to help you make the best decisions in going through a third party reproduction process. You will have peace of mind and save substantial time working with Guided Surrogacy.

What happens when you work with Guided Surrogacy for your journey?

We will walk with you step by step in the process; whether needing to identify an agency, providing 1:1 consultations or someone to talk to when things feel overwhelming.  We’ve been there and walked the same path so can provide lessons learned to help streamline your surrogacy journey.

How else can you work with Guided Surrogacy? 

If you want guidance during your surrogacy journey, but don’t want full-service support,  Guided Surrogacy can work with you for a flat rate consulting fee.  We can provide you a checklist of what to do in each phase of the journey and support with guidance through the process. We will provide educational webinars to keep you informed about surrogacy, and  support you with coaching when you need it.  This route will save you money and provide only the services that you would find beneficial. Contact us to discuss a flat-fee service.


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Guided Surrogacy-Guiding Your Surrogacy Journey!

Benefits of partnering with Guided Surrogacy

*Saves you time of navigating the process alone

*Work with a  proven Intended Parent/Surrogate team

*Allows you access to resources and education for your journey

*Provides you levels of service and support, as needed-one size does not fit all

Guided Surrogacy