Why Guided Surrogacy?

Why work with Guided Surrogacy?

What happens when you work with an agency for your journey?

An agency typically provides full-service offerings to intended parents that does all of the coordination work for them.  They help select a surrogate for you from their internal list of applicants.  An agency will typically charge around $20,000 or more to engage their services.  They will set up all appointments, discuss issues that arise from your surrogate, select an attorney and reproductive endocrinologist for you. They do the work for you, you pay a lump sum for their services.

How is guided surrogacy different than an agency?  

Guided Surrogacy is not a full-service agency. But we will “guide” you through the steps and provide you the resources, tools and empower you with knowledge to navigate  a successful independent journey.  We give you the tools and advice, but the control of the process stays with you.  We provide educational tools to help you make the best decisions. You would save substantial money working with guided surrogacy.

What happens when you have an independent journey?

An independent journey is where intended parents typically search and identify a surrogacy on their own and can save around $20,000 in the total journey by doing it themselves Intended parents coordinate all aspects of a surrogacy journey from finding a reproductive endocrinologist, attorneys for intended parents and surrogate, psychologists, insurance agencies, coordinates medications of all parties,  identifies escrow account agents, negotiates terms with the surrogate, and problem solves all aspects of the journey when they arise. You are independently going through all aspects of the planning, embryo transfer, pregnancy and post-pregnancy steps by yourself.

How is guided surrogacy different than going independent?

Guided surrogacy is designed to support intended parents choosing an independent journey.  We provide the checklist of  what to do in each phase of an independent journey to save you time. We provide educational webinars to keep you informed about surrogacy, we support you with coaching when you need it, we have access to attorneys to guide you depending on your state law, we have tools designed to support you to stay in control of your journey and know how to successfully complete a journey to parenthood. We save you time and money and provide only the services that you would find beneficial.

Guided Surrogacy Video

Benefits of partnering with Guided Surrogacy

*Saves you time of navigating the process alone

*Work with a  proven Intended Parent/Surrogate team

*Allows you access to resources and education for your journey

*Provides you levels of service and support, as needed-one size does not fit all

Guided Surrogacy