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How do I find an independent surrogate? 

Do you know any family or friends that would be willing to carry for you? If you have someone in mind, most states stipulate that the potential carrier will need to have successfully carried and given birth to at least one biological child before they will proceed with the “OK” to be a gestational carrier.

There is an online community of surrogates where you can browse through their online posts or post an add as intended parents.  (My husband and I found our surrogate online at this site, so it does work!) You also need to be aware of what state the gestational surrogate lives in due to different laws in place surrounding surrogacy.

How do I know if my state is favorable to surrogacy?  

Start here with this general summary from 2012: Not only does the state you reside in need to be favorable, the state where the birth will take place will need to issue a Pre-Birth Order (PBO) from a judge.  The PBO allows the names of the intended parents to be placed on the birth certificate and upon birth of the child(ren) the intended parents have full legal and parental rights.

Laws are continuously changing, so if you’d like to consult with an attorney to help you get started and where to find and attorney in your state, please contact Guided Surrogacy.

How do I find a reproductive endocrinologist?  

Start with the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology:








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