Third Party Reproduction Professionals | Third Party Reproduction Professionals

Are you an OB/GYN and have a patient to refer as an intended parent or have a patient who is interested in becoming a surrogate? Please contact Guided Surrogacy for partnership opportunities or have your patient reach out to Guided Surrogacy to start their journey

Are you an IVF Clinic that would like to expand your organization’s surrogacy services to further support IVF patients and add additional value from your Clinic? Please contact Guided Surrogacy for partnership opportunities.

Example of Services provided:

*Building out your surrogacy program at your IVF clinic

*Providing education to office staff on sensitivity training for Intended Parents and surrogates

*Learn about Surrogacy basics from an experienced Intended Parent.

Benefits of partnering with Guided Surrogacy

*Saves you time of navigating the process alone

*Work with a  proven Intended Parent/Surrogate team

*Allows you access to resources and education for your journey

*Provides you levels of service and support, as needed-one size does not fit all

Guided Surrogacy