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Guided Surrogacy Services

United States and International Clients…

Free consultation offered for intended parents or surrogates. Call, email or book an online appointment!

Package Options-Step by Step Guidance-Planning through Birth

Full Service. Provides the most access to resources, support and information throughout the surrogacy process. Example of Services to include:

-Finding the Right Reproductive Endocrinologist based on Data

-Support in Selecting a Surrogate

-Support in Finding the Right Attorney

-Psychological Screening for Intended Parents and Surrogates

-Educational Resources/Learning Modules

-Walking with you step by step in the process

*Adhoc Services-Meeting your needs when you need them

*Intended parent surrogacy process checklist (planning-post surrogacy journey)

*Online learning modules 

* 1:1 sessions (60 minutes in length)

*Recommendations of vetted surrogacy professionals; attorneys, psychologists, Reproductive Endocrinologists

Don’t see something that you’d like support on? Let us know and we can create a package that works for you. One size does not fit all! We have access to psychologists and reproduction/family law attorneys to answer your questions.


Benefits of partnering with Guided Surrogacy

*Saves you time of navigating the process alone

*Work with a  proven Intended Parent/Surrogate team

*Allows you access to resources and education for your journey

*Provides you levels of service and support, as needed-one size does not fit all

Guided Surrogacy